Fidel’s favourite restaurant… Coco Momo

My absolute favourite place to visit in all of London is right on our doorstep in West London, Coco Momo on Gloucester Road.

Although I’m a big dog, I’m always welcomed into the bar area by all the staff who love to come over and pet me. Once Chloe has found a table, straight away I am brought over a plate of dog treats and a water bowl that I always kick over but no-one seems to mind. I like to lie here quietly and watch the world go by, sometimes playing with locals whilst my human has a glass of wine, works on her laptop or has breakfast here after we have our walks in Hyde Park.

I highly recommend this warm cosy brasserie to all other dogs.

Here’s the bowl of water I received ahead of Chloe being served her coffee.

There are the yummy snacks for me.

Here’s the human food. Why Chloe wants to eat weird edible clams from the sea is beyond me, but she seemed to enjoy them.

About Fidel and his human…


Hello, my name is Fidel (yes like Fidel Castro).

I am a 15 month old male German Boxer, imported from the Czech Republic for the purpose of being a guard dog. My current human, Chloe, has adopted me recently so I can lead a more chilled out life as a domestic princess.

I currently reside in West London, and am getting used to the busy streets and all the swan’s my human won’t let me play with in Hyde Park.

Chloe, the human gets to spend all day with me as she is currently studying for her Masters in Psychotherapy and spends most of her time working from home. She often refers to me as her therapy dog, because I like to comfort her when her when she has panic attacks and suffers with anxiety.

As well as keeping my human company, I also live with a Sphynx cat called Yoda and we’re the best of friends.

The world would be a much nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog. — M.K. Clinton