Richmond Park

Although we need to take a small car journey, this is one of my hands down favourite walks in London. The park is absolutely enormous and does not feel at all like its a stones throw away from central London. In fact, it actually reminds me of the kennels where I lived before Kensington up north in Yorkshire. During this winter it has often been very foggy and it reminds me of when the haze comes over the Yorkshire Dales.

One of my favourite features of this park is the abundance of wildlife and the deer that populate the park, who have roamed freely in the area since 1637. Although I’m not allowed within 50m of them, because they’re dangerous (more information on deer safety in the park click here) they’re fun to look at.

This is where the infamous dog Fenton caused a stampede of over 100 deer throughout the park.


N.B. As fun as this looks, please make sure you keep yourself under control or you human will be left to paid a hefty fine and you won’t be able to return to the park.

The park features a special fenced off garden area called the Isabella Plantation, this is Chloe’s favourite part of the park, however I need to stay on lead in this part of the park because the area is filled with rare and unusual plants and trees that line the ponds and streams within the plantation.

For all you humans, the park has toilets and places where you can pick up refreshments.