Outsider Tart, Chiswick review…

Outsider Tart is a dog friendly American bakery that specialises in cakes, pies, tarts, customs orders and most importantly, dog treats.

As I’m a notoriously fussy eater (you can’t even tempt me with liver), Chloe struggles to find many treats that amuse me. But these are definitely my favourite, I spent a whole hour sniffing around and charming the staff into bring me more over.

Anyway, moving quickly onto the human bits. In addition to being a bakery, there is a rather large seating area for a Chiswick High Road shop front and plenty of room for me to curl up between tables, where you get table service with American comfort food.

Chloe ordered an coffee that came in a take away cup instead of the usual dine in crockery one would come to expect, but as the coffee was good and feelings about that quickly washed over her.

For food, Chloe got the first vegetarian thing she spotted on the menu – although the name of the dish escaped her, it was two fried eggs on a bed of vegetable chilli, cheese and quinoa. Taking into account it was comfort food in a cafe, she rates it as a 7/10.

As for the cakes, we took a peanut butter marshmallow concoction home, which I wasn’t allowed to share with Chloe, but she said it was excellent.

Good points:

I was fussed over by everyone, even the chef came out from the kitchen.

The dog treats were amazing and were offered to take some home

Big seating space for cafe


Bad points:

Chloe didn’t feel particularly welcome when entering, staff cold initially – but warmed up v quickly

It was very quiet, although perhaps time – it was 3pm on Thursday after lunchtime



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